Friday, September 19th, 2014
Judge: Scott Walker, Guelph, ON

The 2014 Annual General Meeting of the CMSS was held on the morning of July 26th at the Admiral Inn in Lindsay, Ontario. Members from across Ontario and Prince Edward Island were in
attendance along with Susan Lee and Sharon Vaadi-Fleming attending from the United States.

Members reviewed the 2013 Financial Report. The Society had expenses higher than income by $2483 in 2013, due largely to lack of commission on the sale of animals through the Society as well as paying for two years worth of Canadian Dairy Xpo booth expenses in one calendar year. Most other income and expense lines were similar to budget in 2013. Income higher than expenses for Sire Syndicate transactions resulted in the total equity of the Society increasing by $561 in 2013. These financial statements were audited by a third party and were found to be complete and accurate.

Secretary-Manager Ryan Barrett gave a presentation to member on the ongoing discussions between the CMSS and Holstein Canada on the possibility of moving registry services to Holstein as part of redevelopment of the Holstein registry system to be a multi-breed service. Estimates provided by Holstein based on our current registry volume show a strong potential for both cost savings for the Society as well as improved service provision for members. Seeing as most CMSS members are also members of Holstein Canada, it made sense for the Society to explore this potential option. The CMSS Directors and Secretary-Manager have been part of negotiations on this subject for several years and decided that the question of changing registry service providers should be brought to members at the AGM. It was unanimously approved by those in attendance at the AGM to move registry service to Holstein Canada starting in January 2016, which is the soonest that the Society can leave Canadian Livestock Records Corporation.

Ryan also provided committee reports as well as updates on upcoming projects. Susan Lee provided a report from the American Milking Shorthorn Society as the Past-President. Russell Gammon brought greetings from Semex, the major sponsor of the AGM and Field Day again this year. A moment of silence was also held in rememberance of Walter Goudy, a long term Milking Shorthorn breeder who passed away in late June.

Following the Annual Meeting, members traveled to Kee-Muse Farms, home to the Kiezebrink family near Cannington, ON. The Kiezebrinks are relatively new to the Milking Shorthorn breed but have been active in exhibiting at the National Show in Lindsay and have a strong quality, growing Milking Shorthorn component to their herd. One of the highlight animals was Emadale Zumba Lulu VG-85-2yr, daughter of a past purchase in the National Sale.

At Kee-Muse Farm we had our noon meal as well as a fun auction which generated funds to help pay for Field Day expenses. President Dave Prinzen also took this opportunity to present the 2014 Cow of the Year Award to Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple, owned by Shawn Koopmans of Picton, ON. 2013 Production Award Certificates were presented earlier at the Annual Meeting.

Following the fun auction, attendees traveled to Fenelon Falls to Knoxdale Farm, home to John and Julie Knox and family. John is a past-President of the CMSS and is a curent Director. The Knoxdale herd features a mostly full herd of Milking Shorthorns milked in a free-stall and parlour environment but with some pasture in the summer months. Knoxdale AP Jessy VG-88 was one of the highlights of the tour of the cows on pasture, as well as a number of long-lived, productive cows. Following herd inspection, John introduced a judging class of heifers who were all sired by previous herd sire Lynmark KAO Otis.

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in a great social event. The Field Day continues to be a great opportunity to meet fellow breeders and see some great Milking Shorthorn cattle.

copyright CMSS 2014